Former Russian Prime Minister

The main problem is that we lose in the competition for money to other countries." (10/29/2008) 3 Former Russian Prime Minister Kasyanov believes that "in the Russian economic crisis is the fault destructive policies pursued by the authorities. " Hoped that 'everything will resolve' is harmful and dangerous. By the spring the country is on the verge of social collapse and political turmoil. Kasyanov said that "No other strategy but hope 'overstay' in power there. They do not realize that the conditions in which there was their model, they created, taking away people freedom, but giving them the opportunity to earn and spend good money now no. First, people lost their freedom, and now lost another, and the opportunity to earn and spend money. " Former Prime Minister believes that the crisis will be protracted. Analysts predict that economic growth in the United States will resume only in 2010. Hence, in the European Union it will happen in 2011, and we have theoretically improvement could begin in 2012. Thus, we have to live in a crisis three years, while those of containment of the situation, which today is in power, enough to power six months or a year. Further collapse. More unpredictable and independent of political power and social movements. Mass movement. " (11/12/2008). 4 There are, for example, an anti-crisis strategies of Gorbachev (it included Lebedev, V. , Vladimir Inozemtsev): "We offer the current authorities, all relevant government structures, public organizations and businesses combine efforts in towards developing an optimal and effective program to combat the crisis in the interests of Russian citizens.