Military Stories

He Was happy, it did not fit in the clothes of the joy and the emotion. I thought: ” ” by the inclination of my left foot to the right they do not go to me to aceptar” “. When they made us undress sweats, I shook, but it tries to the maximum to control my nerves; in my mind it was the desire of being accepted, of being able to enter to the rows of Ejercito. I of scare watch my companions, remained fearless, another something nervous and died because she knew that my entrance could deny me. The doctor, a thin man, rather skinny, with glassy eyes went approaching slowly, towards gestures, signs and the aid took note, when I arrive my turn, reviews itself of feet to head, observes with well-taken care of my muscular structure, my thicknesses and powerful arms, my ample chest, my back and my fortified muscles of the feet. He was by constitution a high, massive man, of athletic complexin. After making some gestures and wrinkling the forehead, I approach to him the young nurse followed who it and he whispered something to him in the ear, no if in relation to my constitution or to the defect of my left foot, the certain thing of the case were they approved that me and enters joyfully to Ejercito. My brother was professional soldier.

Admired I it and watched with stupor and ” ” envidia” ” the photos where it appeared with a contingent of soldiers carrying his powerful and beautiful guns AK-47. One of its better photos with the face guinea fowl, its beret of average side, its camouflaged suit of and where bright a beautiful gun the tapeworm hung upon my bed, was my ” ” angel of guarda” “. In my nochero he conserved amount of photos of him in the mount, of his different demurrages in the battalions and quarters where he had served and very a well organized album of his long military specialty.