Georgian State Minister

Late September is traditionally the calendar became the moral and political failures tragic reminder of the past twenty years. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Suffolk County Rep.. On Sunday in South Ossetia celebrated Republic Day, and there rang out for the first time the national anthem. The same thing happens the other day in Abkhazia, and celebrations will be confined to obtaining status as an independent nation and to victory in the war, which ended on 27 September 1993 is not in favor of Georgia. All of these dates, with the war in August 2008, reflect exactly those events that were essentially crucial state of destabilization of the country. In this context, fundamentally important presents the results of the semi-annual EU Commission to study the causes and circumstances of the August war.

The results would announce in early August, but then, citing the emergence of new materials, we decided delay in the first half of September. However, notice that hour of the report or verdict, which was eagerly waiting for the world, put off again for some time. "The Committee Chairman, Heidi Tagliavini – experienced diplomat and honest, and she did not want to be, especially at the end of a career, to give his professional reputation a negative connotation. Therefore, I am sure she will tell the truth "- no doubt one of the Georgian opposition leaders, former Georgian State Minister for Conflict Resolution Giorgi Khaindrava. And the truth, he says, is what is known in Georgia, all opposition political forces.

"If Saakashvili had a team of conscience, it is long gone to resign. But these are the people who are shamelessly trying to mask the terrible consequences of their policies – said a few days ago, the former speaker of parliament Nino Burjanadze. – The president once said, making declarative statement that if he, Mr. Saakashvili, was indeed a problem, then there is reason to worsening relations with Russia was just in it, that he himself would go to Moscow and would have surrendered to pay the penalty there. But this is impossible. In order to realize his guilt, one must have great courage, and people like our president, do not become heroes. " Georgian opposition politicians constantly accuse Saakashvili and his submissive "Associates" that they created problems not only in relations with Russia. He has created and continues to cause problems within the country, in dealing with individuals and social strata, from East and West. Opposition community expects that the next leader of Georgia will be a reasonable person and a true patriot, and will act in the interests of his state. They understand that in current circumstances is very difficult to achieve success in the normalization of relations with Russia. But the art of politics lies in the fact, to cope with this case. If the new leader of Georgia, they argue, will be endowed with the confidence of the population will be projected leader and man of his word, then this policy will be easier to find contacts with Russia and its Western partners, and its own citizens. But while the rhetoric of the Georgian authorities, alas, remains the same as it was in character to last year's war. Moreover, I regret to say, and that for all the past, the country was no serious attempt to analyze the mistakes of the early 90s. And it turns out that you have to walk in circles.