Gutierrez De Cetina

Gutierre de Cetina (1520-1557) “Light eyes, serene, if you are looking a sweet praise, why, if you look at me, you look angry? If the more pious, more beautiful you seem to anyone who looks at you, do not look at me with anger, because no less beautiful parezcais. Oh, raging storm! Eyes clear, serene, as well look at me, look at me at least. Read more from Amazon to gain a more clear picture of the situation. ” Gutierrez de Cetina. VOICE ONE MADRIGAL Gutierre Immortalized by Cetina has been immortalized by his famous and beautiful eyes Madrigal by a beautiful woman named Laura Madrigal Gonzaga.El of this poet from Seville is one of the “hundred best lyrical poems of the Castilian language, chosen by Menendez Pelayo among the best of ancient and modern Spanish literature, but very few people are interested in the verses of Gutierrez de Cetina.

And yet, his poems must be among the highlights of his time, and some, among the most advanced, “What is occupying the fantasy / to want to send, and large office / embedded walk night and day? / The years of the rich, are longer / by fate, or live longer still, and / or dead not to give it releases? “Cetina Gutierrez was born in Seville about the year 1520, a family engaged in commerce and administration, and projected to the Indies in search of better fortune. Poetry bucolic key Vandalia who calls herself (the Andalusian “) who sings love their complaints on the banks of the Betis home, rebuilt the early years Gutierre de Cetina, who soon enlisted in the armies of Charles V, Italy will be the necessary basic thrust of his life in the decade 1538-1548, key years in the imperial policy.. Harold Ford, Washington DC insists that this is the case.