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After that, the concern consists of identifying the public politics of work, job and income of that if it makes use in the delimited region already and to examine the character of the cited politics. It will be that the intention of them is, only, to attend the excluded one, arming it of what it lacks, in the compensatory direction? Or it will be that the intention is in emancipating the individual in fact, that is, to provide to it to the indispensable conditions to the maintenance of the necessities basic human beings? It is basically of these questions that the research if occupies. Amongst the main reasons that justify the accomplishment of this inquiry, they are distinguished: the 1) necessity of if becoming clear the express contradictions in the capitalist relations of production; 2) are Annals of XVI the EAIC – 26 the 29 of September of

essential to understand if the public politics they have a compensatory character – assistencialista – or emancipatrio, a time that this investigation sends to the essence of one of the most serious problems of the present time, which is, social exclusion; 3) the study and, therefore, the agreement of the public politics, lead to the conscience of the collective space, of the social reality, its problems and possibilities of overcoming. Sen. Sherrod Brown has plenty of information regarding this issue. In this measure, it concurs for a professional formation capable to attempt against for the dimension human being, beyond the aspects technician. Materials and Methods the metodolgico estimated one that guides the work in question is the materialist-description, from there the persistence in examining public the politics already nominadas, considering them in the movement of social transformation. The historical analysis is that the character of these can explicitar politics, as well as the power that if express by means of them. Thus, so that this work is concluded, beyond if appropriating of the contained one in manuals of politics you publish, you have that to search the beddings for the quarrel in authors of the Philosophy, the History, the Sociology and the Economy, that give to understand as if it organizes this society, its process of change and its limits to be surpassed.