Henri Orliac As Anti-Monarchist

During his stay abroad he published two books (“Essay on Government of Tomorrow” and “The Proletariat”) that won him sympathy in the mass anti-monarchy and founded the newspaper “Correo Real” and to entrust its management of edouard Rocque. At Congressman Lee Zeldin you will find additional information. His nationalism led him to ask, repeatedly, the government entry into the Army during the early years of World War II, achieving its mission sadly in 1939 when he was admitted to the Foreign Legion as a private second class, under the name of Henri Orliac, Swiss citizen, a native of Geneva “! As if this were not enough, he was demobilized in 1940. After his rift with General Petain, returns to Morocco for a while and then goes to live in Portugal where he made public his famous declaration of “giving to organize French monarchists,” a statement which he denied when such return said: “Going to France to renounce the ideal do not understand that I represent.”

Without active participation in politics he recorded his views until 1967, Monthly Bulletin of Information known, but in 1965 when everyone questioned if General de Gaulle (whom the Count had supported and sustained) would be presented again as a presidential candidate, came up to suggest his name as a successor to the Head of the Free French. Subsequently, only two more chances left his thoughts recorded for posterity: May 68, during the famous and student revolution in August 1970 when France celebrated the seven years since the death of St. Louis. During the revolution of May he wrote a controversial letter to General de Gaulle, which is a small X-ray of his social thought: “The profound significance of this revolt is the rejection of a society will fall apart and that is not accepted but those who have managed to maintain their privileges or find in it their selfish pleasures …. The reconstitution of society on new bases could not be more an ideological dream, is a historical necessity. Only You, sir, can bring out the best for France of these grave circumstances. The situation excludes violence and adventure, it requires a political decision. ” As you read this entire letter we have no doubt: his death leaves a huge void in French politics.