History Of Germany

German history is rich with events, the entire period of its existence, the state constantly change their borders, have undergone periods of fragmentation and reunification, peace and war. All great empires have tried to capture this country, but none of them did not submit to the strong, freedom-loving Germans. It is believed that the history they are from the Neanderthals, whose remains were discovered in the valley near Dusseldorf. For centuries, the tribes fought conquerors. This lasted until the xiii century, then power is not captured the Habsburgs, rulers of Vienna. At that time Germany was not a single entity, and is an alliance of several German states, each of which ran their Prince.

The Habsburgs ruled for several centuries, until the country became a legendary Thirty Years' War (1618-48), religious fanatics. During the long bitter war, Germany lost about a third of the population. By 1813 Prussia again recovered, and even led the resistance, eventually destroying all Napoleon's plans to manage the German lands. Thanks to Otto von Bismarck in 1866, the year Germany was unified, and a few years later she finally got onto the world stage as a strong independent player. Wilhelm ii, Bismarck was able to remove from power and put the country into the First World War. The result of such hasty action was the complete defeat and violent civil unrest. Again raise the morale of the people and unite them with one goal could only Austrian Adolf Hitler and his Nationalist Socialist (Nazi) German Workers' Party.

Unfortunately, he directed its efforts not on the creation and on destruction. World War ii ended in unconditional surrender of Germany. Territory of the postwar state divided allies. West Germany and Communist East Germany, separated by the Berlin Wall, each lived their lives, while in 1989, the border is not opened. Began the era of reunification and the Board of Helmut Kohl, the years included the country's history as a time of prosperity and a flourishing economy and industry. In 1998, the Kohl regime fell, and the new history of modern Germany – the European state with a rich history and promising future.