Homeland Security

But on May 5, has become a holiday to show pride of race, an ethnic manifestation whose name is in itself shocking. Imagine what would happen if the Caucasians out to celebrate the day of the white race. Until Barack Obama came to power, on May 5 was a day of joy and sympathy shared by all, that Americans ate more burritos and fajitas that habit, and they took advantage to pay honor to Jose Cuervo. This year, however, the party became reason for fights between Mexicans and Americans, because los cuates were offended to see the Gringos with American flags. It is that polarization has increased in all environments and tempers are heated. It is not by chance. A President and a Government extremists, can only lead to extremism. The issue with Mexico is gaining heat, because her border is where most of the drug comes and they enter hundreds of criminals linked to the cartels.

It is also the entry point for 90 percent of the Islamic terrorists to the United States. If you can enter thousands of illegals, more tons of cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy, obviously also you can get weapons, explosive and jihadists. Felipe Calderon is fighting the cartels, but the situation has not much improved. On the other hand, the Mexicans in the United States send to their relatives in Mexico, one billion dollars annually in remittances, and billions more entering the sale of drugs, so Mexican President criticizes because it suits you. The best part of this Carnival of irrationality, intolerance, false patriotic fervor, and ethnocentrism, mixed with imbecility and political correctness, is that conflicts were originated by a State law, which did not read neither the Attorney-General, Erick Holder, nor the Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, but both opposed it. In Washington it is prioritizing the ideology blindly, on common sense and reason, and that is the infallible formula for disaster.