October Freedom

His impeccable behavior is the result of the heroism in the tradition of struggle of the people of Cuba Libre, which has materialized that libertarian path in its revolutionary process in power for already more than fifty-one years. The teachings of that process have made the noble sons of a free, dignified and sovereign homeland that they are Gerardo, Ramon, Antonio, Fernando and Rene. We all know that the case of Gerardo, as the law provides, is again presented to the Tribunal Federal de district of the South Florida, under the aegis of a so-called extraordinary collateral appeal. Everything seems to indicate that cases of Ramon, Antonio and Fernando will be also presented to courts in the course of this year under the same legal protection, and that the case of Rene probably would not go to the collateral appeal process since according to federal regulations Rene could go on parole in October 2011, or, in thirteen months. Also, we all know that there are two alternatives through which the five could be released. These could be either a presidential pardon, protected by the power of attorney granted to the President of the United States by article 2, section 2 of the federal Constitution, or another prisoner exchange, in the style of the recent related to Russia, this time between the Governments of United States and Cuba.

Much is talked recently in the press about this last possibility. Whatever it is, and to the possibility that one of the two latest alternatives materializes, the task our, of all those who in Cuba, United States, the rest of the America, Europe, Asia and Africa are calling for their immediate freedom, is to continue and deepen, as we do, our work to your favor. And today they reiterate them: we will never relent to obtain their freedom.