Hope is a Feeling

Hope is a feeling, at least, curious. We think we can play the lottery and fantasize about it, but do not believe that we can die in a traffic accident. We believe there is a God who cares for us and we have reserved a special place in heaven, although most terrifies you die or are greatly distressed at the loss of a loved one. We received an email absurd that we have a lot of nonsense, of course they laughed, and ending urged to send him a dozen friends and we will have a year of bad luck. We do not believe it, of course, but just in case … What would life be without hope? However hard our situation, we still have hope.

No wonder they say it’s the last thing you lose. If we were not able to believe that things can change, or that our dreams will be fulfilled one day, life would become meaningless. We need to pin our hopes on some goal, which unfortunately have always used great manipulators, call it politics, religion or any other platform from which any enlightened to exercise power. Why will cost us both realize the price we pay for the purchase of so many hopes spurious? The hope, however, is a precious feeling that we feed. Is the energy that allows us to continue with enthusiasm on the road. We must also be aware that we must fight for hope.

The real successes are those obtained with the effort and personal work. Do not believe the vendors of hope, whatever. Ultimately we must not believe or what I write, the only thing really important is you and what everyone can build and achieve. .