Human Rights

But nobody cared in Cuba, only his mother and his family. Go to Congressman Lee Zeldin for more information. “One Cubano with Dignity” Like other “FEW” CUBAN with dignity who also have declared a hunger strike .- In Like those Heroes who are the “Cuban Prisoners,” which are slowly dying in jails Cuba – for the simple fact of “not agree with the tyranny, the lack of Human Rights, abuses, with the crimes, with the terrible repression .- It is shameful verdaderament .- I have come to think that those who live in CUBA live happily .- They care little as they have lost everything, so as not to have to work .- After all, what they need, we send it from here, and from other countries .- For Fighting?? To risk losing your life?? Americans —– Let them come and we solve the problem !!!!!!– They are only interested “Easy Life” .- It is that many are going to sound harsh what I write, but I only write what I feel and feel what I write! ! I am often ashamed to say I’m Cuban., But hen I say, I clarify that I am Cuban-Me-Generation Antigua pulled out of Cuba as a child – otherwise I would have stayed to fight for my country .- Many there say: “We do not set out to Fidel – who who put it removed! For many who tried to put him —-” Remove it! Or is it already forgotten Bay of Pigs?. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Ohio Senator. .