Influencing others is the dream of politicians. Only of them? Not, of course, that does not. Most of us live them is by coming up with to achieve some effect on people. It is a vital necessity. Everyone is affected in some way by the behavior of other human beings. Hence the need to be able to somehow influence them arises spontaneously. Achieve such effects more difficult to achieve purpose is rather an inevitable result.

All influence each other by our mere presence. They should at least divert his career to not collide with us. But beyond that, want or do not want to receive our influence. Influence is not therefore a problem for anyone. The question is rather achieve influence people we want, when we want and in the direction that suits us. In a question-answer forum Connecticut Senator was the first to reply. They are privileged those who can do it, is true. But it is not purely a gift out of the reach of normal people. The ability to influence is a quality that is learned.

Much has been said about the theme, perhaps too. There’s a lot of myths in the influence that someone can exert on others. But especially there are misconceptions with regard to the mode in which it can be achieved. In this regard I would like to clarify three things: influencing others is as necessary as possible and inevitable. To make it in the sense desired just learn some ideas and skills. You cannot influence at all times on any person at whim as if they were puppets. On this last has come to speak of the existence of mysterious techniques able to hypnotize the listeners. In this case people would do everything that we would like to. There is no such thing. It is not even desirable that existed because a world would thus be too predictable and unproductive. On the other hand is being done allusion to hypnosis in a misleading way.