Innovative Biotechnologies

What do bmw, Porsche, Mercedes, Volvo, Magna, Thyssen, Austria Email, Caterpillar and Palfinger? In all of these productions used protec, when it comes to protecting metallic surfaces. All products protec, designed for welding processes, are produced from biological raw material. For over 10 years means protec sold worldwide. A large number of known metal-working companies around the world have confidence in their excellent quality and their use. Highly protec products are used in many industries: automotive, manufacturing of cranes, shipbuilding and other product development for ordinary people seems elementary welding process. In fact, this coupling process has a decisive influence on the quality of the final product. Crane, cargo or passenger car – in any case we are talking about the exact connection of metal parts that will guarantee not only ultimate security, but also an excellent appearance. Inventor protec, Hans Hoffman: "In the early 90-ies of xx century, the use of funds against spatters were forbidden by law to protect the environment.

The choice was between explosive sprays and irrelevant biological means against spatters. We realized this problem, so developed and patented in 1994, the formula protec. This lotion forms a base coat shall: protection against spatters and excellent final cleanup. No additional follow-up treatment, thereby reducing the costs of the company. To date Metallotion protec CE15L – this is the most famous and popular tool against the build-up of welding spatter. Convincing quality: the successful implementation from 1994 to 1996 started with the introduction of such well-known Austrian companies such as: Austria Email (Enamel), Bombardier, Liebherr, man, Palfinger, Pottinger, Siemens and Steyr Daimler Puch.