Internet System

Pay-as systems are developed on a commercial basis and are thoroughly tested for vulnerabilities and therefore has a higher security level. This is no small argument for the acquisition of toll management system. The cost of one license for the control system online store is different, all systems are characterized by functionality, convenience for the administrator and users as well as many technical features, such as the possible number of items, number of visitors at the shop which keeps performance, as well as the load which has a store on the server. On average, a good management system for store can be purchased for $ 250-300. You have chosen the system management? Well. Now you need to register a domain name (the name of the shop on the Internet) and get hosting (a place to put the store). Domain is the average price of $ 12.10 a year, hosting an average cost $ 04.05 per month.

Choice Hosting serious question, because of it will depend on the performance of your shop and according to its success. Now we need to establish a system of controls on web hosting, domain podklyuyait to comply with all eneobhodimye settings fill the convenience store and start advertising on the network. If you can not do it yourself, you can ask for help from freelancers. Performance of these works will cost $ 30-50 a result, your cost is $ 50 with free installation management system and $ 300-400 for the acquisition of toll management system. In addition, you will need a design for your shop. Management systems typically come bundled with one or more predefined templates. In addition there many ready-made templates that can be adapted to your store for free or for a token. Razarabotka same individual design will cost you about $ 100-150.

And another way of creating an online store – is to rent. In this case, you get 100% ready for work shop. You are granted access to the administration panel shop and you fill his goods. All work to install, configure and support the store carries James called the landlord. In most cases, later you can pay for the shop and move it to your hosting service. The cost of renting an average of $ 20-30 per month. Thus you can start your online business with minimal investment. That's all. I hope I was able to convince you that having your own online store is quite real and not a luxury.