Jordi Argelaguet

It also indicates that 25.5% of Catalans advocates federalism and 19.1%, continue to be an autonomous community. The study indicates that the independence movement has grown in a few months, since June, secessionists accounted for 34% of the responses, federalism was represented by 26.7%, and the continuity of the current framework, by 25.4 per cent. A result nailed the director of CEO, Jordi Argelaguet, has considered today that complicated sees that CiU finished losing during the campaign an absolute majority that throws the survey, at the time estimated the outcome of 15 members that the survey indicates quite nailing to the PSC. All polls show the Socialists really have a complicated situation, but does not fit me in the head that they cannot fall over, pointed out in this regard. The notes of the candidates about the assessment of political leaders, approve the catalan President, Artur Mas (5.82), joined, Josep Antoni Duran Lleida (5.41) leader, the candidate of ERC, Oriol Junqueras (5.34), the Deputy of ERC in Congress, Alfred Bosch (5.05) and the candidate of ICV-EUiA, Joan Herrera (5.04).

The remaining candidates to the Generalitat suspended: of Solidaritat, Alfons Lopez Tena, with a 4.41; of the PSC, Pere Navarro, with a 3.66; of Ciutadans, Albert Rivera, with a 2.79, and the candidate of the PPC, Alicia Sanchez-Camacho with a 2.16. The CIS election poll results published Thursday, the Center for sociological investigations (CIS), indicates that CiU won, without an absolute majority, elections in Catalonia to obtain 63-64 of the 135 members that make up its Parliament; the PSC would get 19; and the PP, 16-17. According to the results of the survey, ERC achieved 17 seats; ICV-EUiA, 11; Citizens, 7; and if one. Until now the catalan Parliament consists of 62 members of CiU, 28 of the PSC, 18 pp, 10 of ICV-EUiA, ERC 10, 4 solidarity for independence and 3 citizens. In addition, four of every ten catalane s want a State in which recognise to the autonomous communities the possibility of becoming independent States, as reflected in the survey. Self-determination is the most supported option, with 41.4%, while 26% committed to give more autonomy to the communities. Only 16% prefer to leave things as they are, while 9.3% wants to return to the central State and 3.6% advocates reducing the autonomy of the communities. See more: CiU obtained the absolute majority and the PP would be the second force, according to a survey by the CEO.