Juan Rodriguez

Some sections of the Ram: Juan Rodriguez Freyle This paper presents the year 1636 as lord Guatavita South Main savanna, based as it is the same text on the relationship of “Don Juan, Cacique and Guatavita lord’s nephew who conquistadors found on the chair while conquered this kingdom, which happened after his uncle and he told me these antiques and next. Freyle the text there is no change of chiefs after he rebelled the Bogota Guatavita or the death of this, nor of Bogota or Tunja. ….. Between two heads or princes was the monarchy of this kingdom, if allowed to give this name: Guatavita in the jurisdiction of Santa Fe, and in the jurisdiction Ramiriqui Tunja … Learn more on the subject from Paulo Coelho. Guatavita …. And again, whom I left the estate, saying that was his lieutenant and captain-general regarding the war in Bogota, with the title of Chief Ubzaque, which will always be offered any war with Pancho or culimas, their neighbors, came to her by virtue of his office. … I have said as Bogota was a lieutenant and captain general of Guatavita regarding the war, it happened that the Indians of Ubaque, Chipaque , Pasca, sullen, Chiguachi, Une, Fusagasuga, and all of those valleys fall on the shoulders of the city of Santa Fe, Guatavita had rebelled against his lord; withholding taxes ….

obedience and his messengers to Bogota, his lieutenant and captain general ,…. In their conformity, Lt. Bogota gathered more than thirty thousand Indians, and with this army passed the mountains, valley and entered the land of the rebels ….