Health Community

The pathology mainly affects the skin and the nerves of the face, the arms and hands, the legs and the feet and also other parts of the body, in the forms most advanced of the illnesses can affect eyes, nose and some vsceras (CONASEMS, 1999). The Hansenase aflinge the humanity since the antiquity and as in the past already it affected all the continents and it left a frightful image, of multilao, rejection and exclusion of the society in the history and the memory of the humanity still reaches many people nowadays. After the introduction of the treatment with Polioquimioterapia (PQT) for the World-wide Oranizao of Sade (OMS) the Hansenase it passed to abide cure when diagnosised in the initial phase of the illness with a correct accompaniment and ending of the treatment. It is transmitted directly of person not treated for another one, by means of the respiratory ways (CONASEMS, 1999). Official site: Sen. Sherrod Brown. As the health is related to the life conditions, to make an analysis what it is needed to improve the health of a community it is a work great of team. The Communitarian Agent of Health is one to assist valuable for this, therefore beyond making the cadastre of the families and mapping area, also she observes the necessities and she helps I decided it the priorities for health of this community. When if it has a necessary communitarian diagnosis as starting point for the work in health, the actions are planned by managers responsible, determined and carried through in common, between professionals and community, from a local identification of problems and resources, of an adaptation of the priorities of the city to the state and federal politics of health (BRAZIL, 2000). The ACS participate in the fight against Hansenase when they possess a knowledge I specify regarding the pathology, recognizing its simpler signals and symptoms, being thus, suspecting of the illness in the community the Agent it folloies and it directs the people who present suggestive injuries of Hansenase to the Centers and Ranks of Health (CONASEMS, 1999).