Land And Its MetaValue

This British author intends to act on future increases in land values, because not all the same way increase your productivity, wealth and ultimately its value. It raises even nationalize the land surplus. We must bear in mind that in today’s economy, like the property market, largely supply and demand is not by necessity but by business, which produces an overshoot, of a speculative nature, the relationship supply and demand. A metavalue, which is on which surplus capital is generated. Inevitable in an economy that has exceeded yes subsistence support capitalism? Human reality is to admit. Nobody is going to sell something for three euros if someone buys three thousand. He sold to the highest bidder.

From this economic reality principle we can transform the economy in one way or another, in a practical sense. T he idea of waiving taxes on capital, to increase wealth, developed when Keynes proposed model was outdated in the eighties with a new emerging economy, which has led to the return of liberalism (neo-liberalism ) remains a common practice reduce the tax burden to facilitate investment, without realizing that the reality has changed and is no longer through the use as spreads and redistribute wealth. T o Henry George the way that taxes are not borne by the consumer is to establish a single tax on the value or land rent as a method of government revenue, so “free” capital to create employment and overcoming poverty. The idea of an osmosis of wealth to the dominant base of the economy is of great value theory to explain the nature of the RB rate.