Mafia And Nuclear Weapons

In December 1992 Western intelligence official cautioned that the possibility of mafia groups “… access to nuclear weapons is high and growing, and potential political and economic profitability of this access is growing. “In early 1993, in Brussels, the late Manfred Womer, then Secretary General of NATO was informed about the development of a threat” … bleak assessment, making highlight the problem of fragmentation of the Russian Federation, the breakdown of civil control over the military and the erosion of the military’s own cohesion and material welfare of the employee body deteriorates in parallel with the general collapse of Russian society . economic difficulties and widespread corruption with the decline in moral and ethical scruples, which form the context in robbery suffered by people, especially those working together, represent a threat and risk always present, even with the safest shelter.

“Although there is little evidence that a Russian nuclear mafia or transnational professional organization controls the smuggling of radioactive materials, chain supply and transport mechanisms of these materials over long distances and across international borders are already in existence. These networks often include loose assortment of former nuclear workers, metal shopkeepers, small entrepreneurs and opportunistic smugglers. a In addition, the nuclear arms trade on the roads increases the participation of current and former government officials, diplomats, military and intelligence officers. a Most cases of illegal possession of weapons or technology sales are the result of social changes and unrest throughout the pulling of the armed forces of Russia.