Lawyer And Attorney How Much Charge

From this Blog, we are going to tackle a thorny issue in the daily exercise of the professions of lawyer and Attorney. Basically, the issue should focus on the economic aspect, how much charge a lawyer?, how much charge a solicitor?, they can charge whatever they want?, is there some regulation? This post aims to answer these questions and to express my experiences in this respect in the legal profession. how much charge a lawyer? Lawyers are free to set their fees, with the limitation that there must be agreement with your client. However, there are guiding norms of the bar associations of each province can be taken as a reference. how much charge a solicitor? Prosecutors must charge the rights that marks the tariff which governs their profession. I.e. not governed the freedom to set the price of your service. can they charge whatever they want? With the above issues this question is answered, if lawyers, with respect for ethical rules and unfair competition and the Solicitors do not, although it is true that they may, upon agreement with its represented, increase or decrease marked by the tariff at a maximum of 12%.

is there any adjustment? Obviously, these statements have a legal basis that are supported: Royal Decree 658/2001 of 22 June, which approves the Statute of the Spanish legal profession. Royal Decree 1281 / 2002, of 5 December, which approves the General Statute of the procurators of Spain courts. Royal Decree 1373 / 2003 of 7 November, which approves the tariff of rights of the prosecutors of the tribunals. For what this Post? This Post arises by commonly widespread practice, that on the day of the profession of lawyer and in relation to prosecutors, I find. This practice consists in that, after adjusting my fees so that the lawsuit claimed, i.e.

is not anti-economic to customer out not more expensive, I find, with rare exceptions, with which the provision requested by the Attorney is between 50% and 100% more of what makes the tariff which governs their rights to receive input. Honestly, I don’t understand the why of this widespread practice. As it is logical, client unknown if the Attorney may or may not charge a certain amount of money and the lawyer usually has enough bring the intellectual weight of the procedure and worry about receiving their fees. However, in my case, it bothers me deeply that will leverage this vacuum produced by logical ignorance of the client and the nonchalance, also logic, the lawyer. It is difficult and even shameful, to say to a teammate, hears the tariff brand half, but more embarrassment makes me they cheat to my clients. For the sake of our reputation as law professionals and by the confidence that citizens should be on those who defend them and represent, in situations, in general, already in itself complicated for them; from these lines claim self-respect so Honorable professions and their rules regulators, for someday to claim non-respect. Abogae social network aimed at the search for answers and solutions that will allow citizens and businesses solve problems and legal consultations.