Lawyers Sector

A legal mandate which authorizes the Patagonia Defense Council attorneys to defend the rights of the inhabitants of the clear, adjacent sector to Coyhaique, endorsed the Chairman of that Board of neighbors as a way to materialize in practice its rejection of the various projects of dams and wiring that several companies plan to build in the Aysen Region. Management was carried out Friday in the notary Duran of Coyhaique, until where Reinerio Catalan came after some weeks ago an Assembly composed of about 80 neighbors authorize policy to act in that direction. The leader expressed in this regard that we are representing all the clear sector, to all members of the Board of neighbors, to oppose the hydro Aysen, so (the lines) do not go inside the fields. Hear from experts in the field like Kyle Dropp dartmouth for a more varied view. He explained that the settlers are clear ranging us to affect the pass of the animals, where we cut the grass, where we forrajeamos, and fields that don’t want to allow it, because it will not only to affect the clear but to all places where happen route, at the time stated that despite this concern them (Transelec) don’t even have stands. But yes they have walked (by their premises), because we have seen helicopters and stakes. He added that they had neither advice on the subject by the municipality of Coyhaique or another public institution. In parallel, the neighborhood Committee a few days ago sent a letter addressed to Mayor Selim Carrasco in his capacity as Chairman of the Regional Committee of the environment and the regional director of Conama, Jose Pablo Saez, where expresses its full support for the observations of regional public services to the study of environmental impact of HidroAysen and formally requested that the answers that the company delivered are informed him.

Thus the Organization formalized before such public institution their rejection of the dam projects, opposing the electric transmission lines in special form by our sector of territorial jurisdiction noted in the letter. Finally, Reinerio Catalan questioned hydroelectric projects because it won’t be a light that will be here in the region, here we will not have even to turn a vial. The concern of the residents makes sense knowing that electrical lines that projected Transelec would go through great part of the sector of the clear, according to it consists in internal company information and is deductible mining concession requests entered by Maria Teresa Canas Pinochet – along with some family members – to Sernageomin to shielding that electric investment both installations of HidroAysen. Southern power has done the same with their respective initiatives.