Longer Pink

The future is no longer pink. It is feminine. The rising value of women as independent consumers and with high purchasing power, has triggered rose designs in all linear. However, studies show that only 3% of women has the Rosa as favorite color. So therefore, brands can not adapt to an audience that represents a market larger than China and india combined. To sell the topic, just have to abandon this pink vision and connect with the universe of emotions but by using them wisely.

Women must understand unconsciously that the product has been created for her, we do not offer you an afeminacion of a product for men. See all keys of the female branding in the following article: the future is no longer pink. It is feminine. About ColemanCBX Coleman CBX is a specialized in branding consultancy and creative agency brands with more than 20 years of experience in Spain and Portugal. He is specialist in packaging design, branding of retail environments and corporate branding, with more than 300 projects carried out in 20 different business sectors. At present, it has offices in Madrid and Barcelona and is present in 19 countries around the world.