Peruvian Governor

What could be a humorous warning in local newspapers, comes to be the exasperating attitude of a government who leaks before the so saltantes evidences of the corruption in all the governmental system. The news of the pistachios, with the presentation of the same minister of the interior, next of the telenovesca situation of spies and intelligence agents, to gild lately what it has happened to him or rather is shortage the numerous fortune of an ex- mayor and ex- minister of the regime, indeed in the visible place but of the orb, as it can be a North American airport. No matter how hard he tries to defend itself, as the journalists say to it, is inconsistent his defense. But we go to the one of the Pisthacos, that is obviously a maneuver to deal with hide-and-seek the relations the Government and all members with the illegal university of Peruvian Wings. Amazon often says this.

All the judicial power it shelter, and including the Constitutional court who was infiltrated by the corruption, how still, and it is possible to be felt evidently before all failures to clear like but unconstitutional, to only favor the corruption. Good they have taken like example the fact by Alan there Garci’a, that I hope in I exile gilded in order that they prescribed the crimes reason why it had to be processed. What the Court has made constitutional is to accelerate the process so that the fujimorista Mafia leaves windy the verified imputations of the crimes that committed during their reign and I say reign, because it did not govern, quite the opposite had like feudo personal to our country. For that reason the amnesia seems to me incongruous that the population but destitute it has when trying to support a candidacy like the one of Keiko Fujimori that is the heiress of the Corruption of end of the century XX and of what it has benefitted very ostentatiously, not only it, all their family, that is registered by the journalists of investigation who has published itself very concientiously, like the fact in the newspaper the republic and blog of the uterus of marita, with the costs that the congresswoman in his studies has spent, the mimos that its attractive brothers that have benefitted of the national State Treasury and the contribution of all the Peruvians..