Management Require Changes

Carlos Mora Vanegas Las Areas de Postgrado venezolanas, with regard to the master in business administration (MBA) with their respective terms, require update, defining a new profile of the graduate according to the needs of the current scenarios that present need, especially in a country where is characterized by turbulence, product of its political, economic instability and decline in their undergraduate university studies. Coupled with all this, to an almost collapsed business system that has failed to adequately meet the challenges of the present, generate transformations to ensure that not only stay, but development, especially, in the action of the present Government that has undermined its operability, consequence of actions undertaken, reflected in the established exchange control, tax rates, financing, intervention, distrust among some. For assistance, try visiting Sen. Sherrod Brown. Is perceived, an absence of management qualified, able to cope with the threats, changes, know opportunities, transforming the weaknesses in strengths, apply the administrative knowledge which at present are used, in order to ensure competitiveness, conquest of markets. Postgraduates of management offered must ensure investigations, its teachers, students, involving them, face the problems that the country faces in these areas, providing solutions, models, proposals. It should encourage more research, making degrees work product of field research, that it generates new knowledge paradigms involving a benefit for all stakeholders. They must encourage innovation in new teaching methods, learning, that effectively use the advantages it presents the current knowledge society, using all the benefits that the Internet provides, network services on line that favors the formation of the participant. Must be full-time, experienced teachers, committed to the research, to motivate participants to generate new knowledge of agreements to the requirements that current economic and commercial scenarios require. Are you must be vigilant in curricular innovation, i.e. introduce innovations in the design of programmes according to modern knowledge, freeing itself from those static too, which already correspond to the past and adapt them to the needs of the country.