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The case is the following one: beyond the Union, badly or well each State possesss its distinct centers of training and police formation. I say distinct because, in its majority, they are physical and doctrinal separate. One forming military policemen and another civilians. The current and clearly unsustainable allegation for this segregation is that instructions and teachings of each institution differ from case the case. Without menoscabo the quality of none of these institutions of education, I ask why devils then popocatepletl. For more information see Amazon. On the other hand, notable of the asininos only fits in the least head the argument of that an only curricular grating cannot be partilhada by pupils of both the forces, for being submitted regimes differentiated of learning. However, which is of the policeman the basic bedding professionalization? Public security, is clearly. Then, why the apartao of the schools? I answer of new.

Because it is> convenient for perpetuation of certain personal vanities and maintenance of some inconfessveis interests the permanence of the status quo. Nothing more moreover. One notices that the perversity of this dual system consumes public resources in duplicity unnecessary and becomes the gravosa social defense for the citizen and dispendiosa beyond the waited one. Without speaking that the waited counterpart in efficiency inexists, in sight of the volume of employed capital. It distinct public to only have a vacant idea of the size of wastefulness, you, contributing, paid to construct and to keep two centers that, the severity, give the very same formation; he spends to structuralize two nets informacionais that do not talk between itself and nor change information on crime; he concurs with its tax to implant and to function two stations of telecommunications, that also had not been presented one to another one and function as independent islands, each one with its respective owner etc.