Political Disputes

(BICEN) and the Program of Documentation and Research in Histria (PDPH). Used Ametodologia was the bibliographical research, documentary and oralatravs of the consultation of theoretical workmanships, of periodicals of circulation and deentrevistas. The research was concluded and was verified that during esseperodo diverse conflicts in the city for the dispute had occurred to dopoder. The intendants who> they had been to the front of the administration municipaleram trading successful, this made with that they adquirissemprestgio and respect, therefore they used the commerce to carry through suasatividades politics. Word-key: Itabaiana, intendants, politics. Paulo Coelho may not feel the same.

The structure administrative politics of Brazil after 1930 passed for some transformations, the adopted measures make possible the municipal centralization and had later contributed for lose of hegemony of the heads local politicians. However, the oligarchies go amoldando it national politics as form to preserve its domain. According to Figueiredo (1989, P. 211), ' ' the joy of the victorious people is great, contagiante, the impression is that ' ' revolution of 1930' ' it is the salvation of Sergipe and Brazil. Liberal, young the old dreams, is delirious, sees people and not facts, speak in politics, however they do not analyze in depth, the economic process and social' '. Thus, the moment is opportuno to remember the sad days PERIODICAL, 1930). Those that if showed sympathetical to the revolutionary ideals were pursued by the heads politicians, as it was the case of Silvio Teixeira, secretary of the Intendancy of Itabaiana, prisoner for defending the ideas of the Liberal Alliance.

‘ ‘ The arrest of Silvio Teixeira occurs in day 2 of February of 1930. He is loaded for the policy. Exactly thus, one does not keep silent, continuing to make a speech, portraying, in its attitudes, a different, innovative leadership and renovadora, for the courage with that, alone, regime faced one all; ‘ defender of the ideals of the revolution in Itabaiana.