Minister Son

He was then 194 years. The Minister asked him to share a secret with ranks of his longevity. Ohio Senator has much experience in this field. Old man replied: "I have learned to their ancestors Moxie and enjoy life. Me and my whole family on a monthly basis from the first to eighth number do myself burns on his feet at the point zu-san-li. My wife is now 173 years, son – 153, his grandson – 105 years. " Stari ka richly bestowed with rice and money and the honors were sent home.

After 48 years thereafter Mampe again arrived in Edo to participate in the ceremonies opening the new bridge. He was 242 years, my wife – 221 per year, son – 201, 193, the wife, son, grandson – 153, the wife of his grandson 138 years. An example illustrates perfectly the idea of regular maintenance of the body. Not be able to look younger, but to be always healthy and do not accumulate damage – it's wonderful! It is known that the method of cauterization (IOC-sa) and acupuncture, the so-called Zhen-jeou, used, and to improve health weakened lennyh, the elderly, and to protect them from disease. There is a point stimuli mapping are accompanied by increased tone of any system. For example, the famous point nei-guan tones the cardiovascular system, such as points or he-gu, zu-san-li, Chao-hai, Qu-Chi, etc. raise the tone of the whole organism. Especially recommended as a preventive measure cauterization, are not rare in his original form, ie, before the scar.