New Production

Is the new single from BEA Larson – free a journalist once wrote: “Because your soul sings – we not only hear but feel BEA Larson’s songs.” The 1.56 m great artist from funds on the Rhine know more effectively use her expressive voice with ballads in addition to the snappy and rhythmic tracks. Once enchanted you with tender melt – vocals, times with pure vocal power. Here we remember one of their greatest successes: the cover version of the world the power of love by Jennifer Rush) “the power of love, they formally track allowed us, as she transported about her voice to us, their audiences, their emotions and also their soul. Free”, the new production of BEA Larson, describes the relationship between two loving people, which does not restrict itself, is not standing in the way and freely develop their wings. es. A great love based on boundless confidence is the feeling of freedom and the experience, to feel “Free” and at the same time connected. Producer Thomas Rosenfeld (triple (Goldauszeichnung, Platz 1 und Platz 2 in den Albumcharts), whose works include on sound recordings by Andrea Berg, Wolfgang Petry, Jurgen Drews, Markus and listen to twice successfully, composed together with Claudia Figge a danceable song free “. Source: BLM Music Entertainment GmbH for further information: and