This is not entirely contextual advertising. In this case, the advertiser chooses the site for advertising and negotiates with the owner about the cost, location and timing of placement of their advertising. The price can vary from a few dollars to several thousand, depending on site traffic, from the quality of its audience, the location of the ad unit (a place on the main page to order more expensive), and on many other factors. Even from the greed of the owner of the site. We are all human. Advertisement in thematic lists. We have already talked about the exchange of ad units between authors of different lists of similar subjects. This is a great free way to increase the subscription list, but ….

How to be if your mailing all year without a week and its readers audience is only the beginning of the path of its formation. You have no more than 500 – 1000 subscribers, and want to publish your advertisement in the newsletter with an audience of 10,000 people or more. Not even hope that the authors of such lists will Your advertising partners, of course, if this is not your friends. In this case, you can use a paid service advertising, which they no doubt provide. The cost of such services depends on the number of subscribers and is determined by the author lists.

For an agreement you should just write him a letter proposing cooperation and to pay a set price. The use of advertising mechanisms service dispatches. And the last opportunity that I would like to mention in this article – it is advertising mail through the service on which it is issued. Such a possibility is provided by almost every major server mailings, and it is a very effective method of increasing the subscription list. Implemented such advertising may be different: – Additional announcement mailing – Inserting text or image blocks in the mailing Other authors – Placing an advertising banner on the home page – Select a catalog – and so Prices for such services are established by the administration of the service mailings, and depend on many factors, of which we speak here not will. You can read them in the advertising section of any service. At the same time, actually, I finish it. It remains only to say that the methods described in the article are not unique and inimitable. Make your brain work! Invent and reinvent their own unique ways to attract people to your creativity, and they will respond. Thank you for your attention.