World Peace

Today increasingly have to meet people from the circle of educated, modern and energetic, who say they stand for "world peace". That is: the idea of global pacifism touching slogan states beauty contest moves into the category of social ideals and becomes the property of the vector directions. Have a question. That's be honest: You are the educated, sophisticated and active-not you think that "world peace" there is not nothing but a modern fallacy, if not – a myth? If only because the world has never been installed by other means than war, violence and oppression. The theory of social contract is only a good basis of associating an already formed a society in need of civilized and equitable foundations of its existence and ready to accept them.

In fact, historically, no country did not arise without conquest and plantations power. In order to establish peace in the territories in which there are conflicts, which in turn most of them have ethnic roots, it is necessary to remove one of the oppositely charged elements or "Extinguish" it. Elimination, as is known, is carried out by the complete destruction of one of the hotbeds of conflict in the people, groups and communities, as its cause; "extinguished" – through the assimilation of one ethnic group by another with his territory ("we are one people, we have no reason to fight.") In the second case, the elimination of conflict and contradiction absorption, you may have and without weapons and bloodshed, but in practice the equal of the fusion-something science fiction; in these cases, one people (group, community) is suppressed by other culturally, socially, perhaps, and economic terms, that really is not a form of violence? Russian Empire established a world on their land only after it eliminated the Independents and the group held policy beliefs of subject peoples, that they are all united from time immemorial, with different variations on the theme of "Russian".