Penal Procedural Reformation

The present director of Santa Cruz is ex- minister of Justice of Patricio Aylwin. Fulfilled Francisco Cereceda. In April of 2006, Gutenberg Martinez fue” cuestionado” because the Society Defensa Jurdica S.A., one of whose proprietors it is the University Miguel de Cervantes, adjudged itself near 40% of the causes that bid on the Public Defensora in the Metropolitan Region. Then the undersecretary of Justice was Jaime Arellano, who enters 1997 and 1998 he had been director of the Corporation of Judicial Attendance of the Metropolitan Region. The Public Defensora was in the hands of the Socialist Rodrigo Quintana, near ally of Solitude To turn white, that just ex- mayor Hctor Pinto had named discredited (DC), like public defender in Valparaiso. Another winner and Amigui in that one licitation deDecap y Vallejos Ltda. was the Society, property in a 50% of lawyer Mauritius Decap Fernandez, Legal Consultant’s office that worked from 1992 in the Ministry of Justice and to who Solitude To turn white had including in 1998 like adviser in the Coordinating Unit of the Penal Procedural Reformation.

The society of Decap lawyer, who at that moment was adviser of the minister of Justice, Luis Bats, adjudged to 3,546 causes penal, equivalent to about 450 million weights. the corruption has become an enormous squid that extends its tentacles to all the sectors of the society. Lamentably in the country there is no institution able to contain the corruption and lately it has demonstrated between few cases that becomes public, robbery shameless that makes the civil servants of the present government and of others, who reach several million dollars and he is never managed to capture the people in charge, far from it to reclaim the robbed money. Deputy Marcela Cubillos, indicated in that all may have been involved, until the day before assuming the National Defenestrate, advisory of Solitude