Play To Be Political

Always and in all eras of history, it has valued and has taken into account the personal and professional experience that says popular wisdom, is a degree.And in addition, in many cultures alive or missing, be they patriarchal or matriarchal, always has been considered the more elderly of those cultures as people who knew more, as already said, most knows the Devil by old, by devil. In fact the Roman Senate, one of the most recognized around the world and even today is studied Roman law at all universities of law worldwide, were elderly, people over who had lived many situations, who knew being with ones and others who knew everything that moved to her around and who thought that he could movewho had friends and contacts ultimately from ancient times always has been as a prized asset, those years that all are giving us that wisdom and experience which is lacking persons more young, because even if youth has the strength which is lacking in the older, always to force it has handled intelligence and wisdom, or should at least be so. Today, in the majority of countries which have two toes in front and who want to take advantage of the best of his country towards which their land is among the most influential in the world countries, always be surround people who have a long history of civil, military, political, business or multiple fields at the same timeTherefore the best-educated person is always that can better defend anything, even more so when they want to defend is within your field of action or work. So far I have only observed facts that are true as fists, but what I say from here is not less true. The current Government headed by Zapatero, began with a few politicians who were in height each one could but that they could be assessed as quite good, were in agreement with them and with their ideology or not as you were. .