Saying Goodby Can Hurt

Wait, “Seba said in a more conciliatory tone a ” It is not necessary for us to say goodbye. I will not mention those words again. I promise. Not at least until you want to repeat. “It’s useless,” said Tati with the same angry air a “I just confirm what the last words I just uttered. From now on, any movement or word from you, I will appear to those reproaching me and are waiting for the situation to change and that will never happen. Understand the meaning of the word ever?. I’m sorry Seba, from now try to make our paths do not cross and when this happens in college because we can not avoid it, we promise to keep the distance.

“I can not force you to have a situation that will alter both very sad,” said Seba a “if you’re so sure of your position, you may be right and we should say goodbye. “I am truly sorry,” he said ruefully Tati Seba a “I want you to understand that this has nothing to do you. You’re a wonderful person. Had never met someone like that and it hurts to lose you as a friend and lover, but I will not hurt you. I love you as a person but can not love you as a couple, as if to provoke a pain that can avoid now. Both went to shower together as usual, but the tense situation that had formed transformed the pleasure of sharing the shower, in an uncomfortable situation for both.