Political Constitution Of Colombia Part VII Science

Senators and Representatives shall be elected for a term of four years, beginning on 20 July following the election. ARTICLE 133. Members of collegial bodies directly elected represent the people and must act in a manner of justice and the common good. The elected by popular vote in any public corporation, is responsible to society and to their constituents for the fulfillment of the obligations of their office. Your vote, except for purely procedural matters will be nominal and the public. (Amended by Act 796 of 2003) Article 134.

Members elected public corporations have alternates. Vacancies for his absolute failures shall be filled by the unsuccessful candidates of the same list as the order of registration on it. Resignation will not produce the effect of income to the corporation who should replace him. (Amended by Legislative Act No. 3 of 1993 and Act 796 of 2003) Article 135. The powers of each House: Choosing their boards. Elect the Secretary General for a four (4) years from July 20 who must meet the same qualifications assessed for membership in the respective chamber.

Ask the Government the reports you need, except as provided in paragraph 2 of Article next. Decide to hold meetings at as a priority to oral questions formulated by the Congress to ministers and their answers. The rules regulate the matter. Fill the positions established by law for the performance of their duties.