Interior Ministry

Twenty days per year statements of citizens promptly dealt with. In Moscow for the last action was removed from the streets of 900 unnecessary characters, nearly 60 billboards to distract drivers from the road. In the whole country during the campaign removed the nearly 52 thousand of unnecessary characters. There is no information from the Interior Ministry that will whether the impending summer to hold a similar event. If, however, still get together, then the date of the shares of the traffic police will inform in advance.

In the meantime, without waiting for action, we can around the clock to report broken traffic lights, stolen or Broken road signs by telephone 127-23-81 or 127-23-13 in to use state institutions "Center of traffic the government of Moscow" (PG TSODD). If you're going to not just rebuild or does not work, but to remove the bothersome or create a new act would have otherwise. Suppose you wanted to pedestrian crossing was closer to home, on the way to the store appeared light, but rather the school hung a sign, limits the speed of cars. You also have every right to try to get the desired solution of the traffic police. Let us say at once: the time it would take quite a lot. The first step is to know in whose subordinate there is street traffic on which you want to change. For example, all of Moscow's ring (Boulevard, Garden, and the Third Transport Ring Road) and all vyletnye highway (Kutuzov, Lenin, Leningrad, and other pamphlets and highway) are urban subordination, and smaller, like the streets of the upper field or Innovators – are on the balance of counties.