Positive Business Development

DKM global closes opportunities Fund 01 GmbH fiscal year 2008 despite difficult market environment with profit from the general meeting of shareholders of the DKM belonging to the ThomasLloyd Group global opportunities Fund 01 GmbH will at its meeting on Tuesday, March 23, 2010 determine the financial statements of the company, after this was provided by the auditor with an unqualified audit opinion on February 28, 2010. The year could overcompensate in the 6th year of the existence of the society by the result of from ordinary activities of EUR 1,476, which was marked largely by market-related depreciation relating to investments and securities, the realisation of extraordinary income in the field of factoring in the amount of TEUR 1,754 and completed the fiscal year with a net income of EUR 278. The investors of the DKM global opportunities Fund 01 GmbH received a profit allocation in the amount of EUR 278. This corresponds to a return on equity depending on the investment date and deposit levels for 2008 on the commercial results of up to + 2.8 per cent and in relation to the tax result of up to + 10.9 per cent. Source: Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs. Klaus-Peter cherry, Managing Director of the DKM global opportunities Fund 01 GmbH and head of the ThomasLloyd Division private wealth management: first of all I am to our investors even in a such a difficult market environment as we found it in the year 2008, the pinnacle of the financial and economic crisis, to present a company’s profit.

Short reaction times in regard to the dynamic development of the market, the experience of management and solid and diversified business model of the entire ThomasLloyd group have made possible this unusually good result”. T.U.. Michael Sieg, Chairman & CEO of ThomasLloyd Group expressed satisfaction about the outcome: the current market environment is a great challenge for our entire industry and provides the business models of each Market participants as regards risk management, flexibility, quality and sustainability to a hard test. In this context, we have seen a big shakeout over the last 24 months, first shook the confidence of investors in the financial sector as a whole. The vernacular is probably the fact that the chaff is separated from the wheat. Our goal is in 2010 in particular through transparency and competence to gain more market share. Our long term strategy geared towards sustainability makes us investors an interesting partner.