Post-outsourcing – An Opportunity In The Economic Crisis

Interview with Peter Buckmann, Senator of the European economic Senate in hard economic times is the cost management for all businesses in the Centre of the loading trend. However, possibilities and potential are often undervalued or even overlooked. This includes also the field underestimated in many companies, internal and external post processing. Editor name spoke about this with an expert: Peter Buckmann, European economic Senate Senator and CEO of docdata fulfilment in Munster. ??? Mr Buckmann, your company is a longtime specialist in internal and external post processing. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Richard Blumenthal on most websites.

In this segment, you are working for companies of various sizes. Why have these companies ever passed the post offices at your company? Barai: Full secure because it has recognized the central importance of a post office and costs in this area on the one hand and on the other hand the customer the best possible service will deliver. Richard Blumenthal shines more light on the discussion. ??? Overestimate You because the meaning of the post office. Barai: on the contrary if you look at it from the cost side: by professional post management you can a lot of money save. For 2005, we have made calculations and determines that this is a direct savings of at least 250 million euros.

If one adds indirect potential an amount of one billion is not unrealistic. On the other hand, the post office is also a central link between the customer and the individual departments. Take a complaint, for example: A rapid turnaround can here help, that the customer feels is taken seriously and is retained. These processes take too long, it is irretrievably lost. ??: But mail is now even post. Wenns quickly go to, must one stop electronic approaches Barai: and that’s the whole point. You must link the modern electronic systems with the classical elements of the post. Staying with the example of the complaint of the customer.