Price Production

This is due not to the taste preferences of buyers, but rather with the price of the product – traditionally believed that cookies should not be expensive. However, the road segment cookie is gradually increasing, and even those manufacturers who have always specialized in inexpensive biscuits, gradually introduced into their range of higher costs position. Sugar cookies – unconditional liderNaibolee common is sugar cookies (a representative – cookies ‘Jubilee’). The predominance of sugar cookies on the market explained by the peculiarities of its production, as used in its manufacture high-performance production lines, whereas the production of so-called spritz cookies (typical representatives – Kuraby, , etc.) used small-scale production (up to 1.5 thousand kg / shift).

That is why there is predominance of only a few brands of manufacturers of sugar cookies, the most famous of which ao is a ‘Bolshevik’. The production otsad-GOVERNMENTAL kinds of biscuits is the lot of small and medium-sized businesses. Fraction of dry biscuits (typical representatives – crackers) is not very large. Some experts explain this to some monotony of this type of cookie. Stuff cookies or netPechene stuffed yet won a deserved place among the other varieties. This is due to a slight suggestion of this kind of pastry and, consequently, weak demand and also with the fact that the technique allows it to manufacture, relatively new, it’s too expensive and not yet very common in the industry. However, analysis of market consumption of biscuits in Moscow shows that redistribution among different types of sand-spritz cookies in favor of cookie with fillings, so this kind of a big future.