The deforestation of the Amaznia continues the steps largossegundo the sources of some justinian codes that monitor aquesto. The subject is serious, worries todosns or until the o world all, giving motivo speculation of questoquanto to the internationalization dAmaznia.Em the world the countries desenvolvidosdestruram its forests to propitiate odesenvolvimento, without the concern quanto preservation, was other times? Perhaps, but today we cannot admit essadestruio. But for aproduo of cattle, soy, etanol or another type farming deatividade she is necessary to knock down the bush. Then we do not have the right to the development? Human Oser has the capacity to create different forms or ways dese to get the desired results using its intelligence. Hojej dentrodo exists diverse proven studies of activities model of sustainable development, that can generate umganho real for hectare of forest, greater of what any atividadeagropecuria of the mentioned ones. The nafloresta existing wealth is immense, in the set its main riqueza referring to the global heating that reaches the world all eno has price.

Because to destroy, if we can obterganhos Reals with it in foot. The world has that to pay hoialtpara the Amaznia to be preserved this the forest would be first ganhosobre, pay to the proprietor in fact and of right. Ofardo is weighed excessively for the government, not resolvea question to be creating area depreservao or reserves, and to be spending to paraproteger. To be implanted model would be aexplorao of preservaoda forest for companies of the private sector, whom they would get resultadospreservando the forest and the environment.