The Individual

It can have a significant autonomy in the action, case the environment is favorable to the sprouting and development of this autonomy. It does not do without, however, of the action of the adult, but in what it transmits the child, practical the cultural ones of its group and works with it, the constructive quantity of the formal knowledge of the cultural and scientific legacy of the humanity. In such a way the citizen if constitutes in virtue in virtue of processes between multiple of interaction with the partner-cultural way, for the presence of other individuals and/or culturally inserted and defined objects. It is characterized ahead of the mentioned one that the individual is not only a being in psychological development, but one to be without relation with the Real, consequentemente formation of cognitivas possibilities of apprehension and understanding of the reality, of proper transformation of itself and consequentemente, of this reality and producer and consumer of knowledge. In this context, practical the pedagogical one implies a process continues of interactions between agents you participate and children who if configure of multiple forms: dades (adult-child child-child), groups of adults and children or groups of children.

The knowledge that if it intends: to take the pupils is apprehended and reorganized in function of the processes of reception of information-lesson-assimilation and modification of posterior information-research-and construction of proper knowledge. WHAT IT IS LEARNING? The term learning if does not only apply the said learnings pertaining to school that however happen through a test of day-by-day, that it corresponds since beginning of the estudantil life. The learning can be understood as a lasting modification of the behavior, through the trainings, experience, comment. To the professor it fits to evaluate; if the pupil trained, or passed significant experiences extremely, or observed the accomplishment of something being able to demonstrate this modification since that he presents conditions adjusted, and, moreover, to keep this change for reasonable long time – then we can say that it hears learning.