Saddam Hussein

In day of elections in Portugal, I chose to speak on dictators. What it motivates some dictators to continue grasped to the power, in the Arab countries. The bombardeamentos of NATO rain in Tripoli, but Khadafi continues in the power. In the Syrian, Bashar al-Assad already more than took off the life a thousand of citizens, in the attempt to finish with the protests. The president of the Imen, Addullah Saleh opposes There to abandon the power, although the great agitation lived in the country. If to search in bibliographies of Estaline, Hand, Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, Mugabe and Salazar, verify that standards exist that mold these ditatoriais personalities. But until the o moment, still no research concluded as it is that the leaders if transform into dictators.

Characteristics exist that are common, as for example the psicopatia. The psychopaths are normally murderous, lying, impulsive, brutais and cruel, what she happens with the majority of the dictators. Some dictators are narcisistas and paranicos, normally its subordinate does not have authorization for to question. They ignore the reality encircles that them, lose the capacity of auto analyzes and the world its return is seen of automatic and simplista form. The power makes with that it has a removal of the reality, with passing of the years.

Almost all they suffer increases from its madness, to the mediated one that they go aging. The dictators do not understand that they had arrived at the end, Saddam Hussein could have defendant for its life, Mubarak must have left the Egipto before the resignation, Khadafi would have to leave before everything losing and Hitler could have waked up the peace. The question is that the dictators are in a warlike manner strong and psychologically weak. Almost all are incapable to beg and therefore they are verwhelmed.