We know the laws of nature, scientists have discovered. But science is constantly evolving, and opens new and often come into conflict with the already known. In nature, there are a lot of spiritual forces and relationships, which is insufficient to comprehend the purely materialistic approach. And modern science is beginning to shape a new framework that recognize objects of scientific study of information phenomena, or 'spiritual' nature. With the deepening of the 'bowels' of matter it becomes evident that the source of the forces that govern it, is at a higher level, called now spiritual. Findings of modern scholars agree with the opinion of the Kabbalists: The laws that govern nature, and the power that created the man and his paths lead story – this one and the same spiritual phenomenon. Kabbalah offers consider all natural processes and human development in relation to each other as spiritual phenomena originating from the same spiritual source, and united by a common spiritual purpose. She said there was no chance, and there is a consistent development system from a simple initial state to a state of similarity higher spiritual power.

This system is gradually opening up to humanity all the new stages of spiritual comprehension of the laws of our private world. And every next stage of comprehension, we are still not known, the Kabbalists call 'spiritual'. Thus, the spiritual in Kabbalah – it is not transcendental God and not the minister of culture on television. This is our tomorrow's more sophisticated state to which we are inevitably forced to come, attracted by the future enjoyment and pushed today's suffering. The entire history of mankind – is the story of man's relationship to the spiritual, to how it is their future. Endless wars of liberation and revolution that had been affecting society for several thousand years – is just the tip of the iceberg under the name 'desire for a better spiritual state'. So we arranged: Continuing dissatisfied with what we have and try to improve it by changing 'for themselves' environments, and each change is preceded by a change of spiritual ideals. But it is possible to act in the opposite direction: to determine what is unchanging spiritual ideal, constantly improve ourselves to achieve compliance with this ideal.

In this case, the spiritual will, first of all, the quality of relationships between people and their desire for knowledge single source. We understand that the spiritual – it is not ritual, not a temple and not a sect. Spiritual – this is love, opening the world of new relationships between people in the infinite perfection without time and space. Source article –