Valve Engines

In diesel engines 9CB350-IIPC exhaust valves are mounted in a water-cooled housing. Camshaft installed in a compartment of the block casing and is driven by the crankshaft through a gear transmission. Y reversing diesels on camshafts attached removable fist puck forward and reverse. Camshafts irreversible diesels are made integral with the fist-washers. Actuator Valve boom. Inlet and two exhaust manifold for diesel-6L275 1PPN located on different sides of the body.

Diesels 9CB350-IIPC has three outfalls. Boost diesel gas turbine. Aluminum alloy pistons are connected to the rod at with hollow fingers floating type. In diesel engines with supercharging pistons are oil cooled. Cranks neotemny with lower head and I-bar. Some modifications to diesel engines of the first issue connecting rod bearing shell detachable. Go to the top of the head of the connecting rod lubricating oil flows through a pipe attached to the rod.

In diesel-6L275 PSHN each crank crankshaft, while the diesels 9CB350-IIPC first, fifth and tenth cranks fitted with counterweights. Cranks shaft located relative to one another at an angle of 120 . Fuel system with mesh or plate-and-slot-type filter and fuel pump gear type. Felt fine filters. High pressure fuel pumps individual, spool type. The engines are equipped with 9CB350-IIPC cooled spray nozzles. Speed governor for diesel engines crankshaft 6L275 vserezhimny indirect action of tight feedback. All modifications to diesel engines have a closed cooling system. Pumps and softened seawater piston diesel engines in recent versions – self-priming vane. Lubrication system with oil tank. Lube oil cooler pipe to the thermostat. In the latest release of diesel engines with jet lubrication systems centrifuge. The diesel engine by compressed air. Diesels 64HI6/22, five are equipped with air and electric starting devices. Most diesel engines drive a two-stage compressor mounted nondisconnectable. On diesels 6CHN 16/22, 5 set to manual compressor. Reversible pneumatic actuator diesel engines have to movement of the camshaft, some of them are equipped with hand reverse drive. Reverse-reduction gear in irreversible diesel engines with a hydraulic clutch friction. Diesel engines are equipped with electromechanical 6L275PN, 6L275 diesels, the NPA – pneumatic DAM design manufacturer. Some versions of diesels have mechanical or pneumatic control DAM design TSTKB Minrechflota Russia.