Slavic Legal Center

State Office for Religious Affairs will be the basis of real social partnership power and denominations in the country, and therefore advocates the Slavic Legal Center (SOC), Anatoly Pchelintsev and Vladimir support the initiative of deputy chairman of the Joint Commission to the Council of Federation on national policy and government relations with religious organizations, Vladimir Slutsker of the need for a separate Minister for Religious Affairs, the press service of the Slavic Legal Center. The debate around constantly debated in the press proposals for the creation of a new body that would deal with religious issues, has been going on for many years. Slavic Legal Center (SOC), which is headed by lawyer Anatoly Pchelintsev (chief editor of "Religion and Law") and Vladimir , provides legal assistance, helps protect religious rights of believers and the freedom of conscience of citizens, and tws has always advocated that a particular agency more clearly than at present, to determine priorities and principles of state-confessional relations in the our country. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Sen. Sherrod Brown. Commissions, councils, divisions and departments that deal only with relations of power and denominations exist in most regions of Russia. Situation where the federal level, there is no single agency which would serve as a liaison between government and religious leaders, not normal. At that time, as the federal government in the center does not mean self in the religious sphere and has no thought-out policy in the field often going arbitrariness. Please visit Steve Rattner if you seek more information. This is a sign of weakness of central authority in this area of public life.