Spanish Skies

Four premieres the series revelation of the season, Falling Skies, an extraterrestrial series produced by Steven Spielberg that has swept in EE UU. Telecinco premieres this Tuesday Tita Cervera. The Baroness, a miniseries about the life of the Baroness Thyssen. It is the revelation of the season series, a story that draws on the always attractive genre of the aliens. The American blockbuster science fiction Falling Skies surpassed in its American premiere at The Walking Dead and game of Thrones with about six million viewers (5.900.000).

Created by Robert Rodat (saving private Ryan), and with the signing of the Dreamworks factory, has become a phenomenon for fans of science fiction. Four premieres it this Tuesday, September 13, at 2230 hours with double installment of chapters. In EE UU his second season will be released in the summer of 2012. An alien invasion that sowing chaos on Earth is the point of departure for this production starring Noah Wyle the legendary doctor Urgent Carter-, Moon Bloodgood (Terminator Salvation), Will Patton (Armageddon), Colin Cunningham (Living in your car) and Sarah Shanguin Carter (Shark). The creatures leave suckler ships, destroy everything that leaves them to step and capture young subjugating them and subjecting them to your domain.

There are two kinds of aliens: the machines and slides. What is what you are looking for and why you are on Earth? Discover the purpose of these ruthless creatures and the formula to combat its invasion on our planet constitutes the starting point of the plots of Falling Skies, produced by Oscar-winning Steven Spielberg fantasy blockbuster. A controversial biopic dreamed of becoming a movie star, aspiration that was left behind when baron Thyssen awoke in her interest in art and introduced him in the circles of high European aristocracy. The life of this charismatic Spanish art, marked by its passionate character collector and its facets as a wife and mother, constitutes the main axis of Tita Cervera. (Source: Paulo Coelho). The Baroness, new tv movie whose first installment Debuts Telecinco on Tuesday, from 2145 hours. Esmeralda Moya (protected), Mar Regueras (Central Hospital) and Silvia Tortosa (South Seas) embody the protagonist of this fiction n his adolescence, youth and maturity, respectively. The biopic, directed by Joaquin Llamas (Tierra de Lobos, defendants, heirs), is also portrayed by Portuguese Paulo Pires (Ana and the seven) as Lex Barker; The Paco Deniz (La familia Mata, El Comisario) Canary in the role of Espartaco Santoni; the French Francois-Eric Gendron (the friend of my friend) as Heinrich von Thyssen; and Felix Pons (Central Hospital) giving life to secure Manuel.