State Guard

At the stage of the idea of its value is difficult to assess due to the formulation of generality and incompleteness of reporting. In addition, many ideas are nodal, ie, source of development Other ideas in various directions. Another problem is the evaluation of ideas is often the duration of its implementation. Ideas are usually sold through many years or decades and often in their branches. At the same ideas developed and supplemented by the author are not necessarily but also other people. In such a situation, understand the complexity and the inappropriateness of state protection of this kind of intellectual property. However, the question author's ideas are extremely important. This issue is of great moral and social significance.

Attribution to the idea of stimulating the author and the creative community to create new works and works. Similarly, the issue is with a number of other intellectual property. This hypothesis, theories, concepts, discoveries, methods, and other objects of human creativity. Scientific discussion, development work, publications are often obscures the initiator of the idea. And it's not only the loss of moral stimulus, but also the loss of grants, salaries, contracts.

As a result of reduction of creative activity and, finally, the loss to society. There is also problematic State Guard, as impossible to estimate the value of these objects. Thus, the relevant issue is the protection of these intellectual property rights are not protected by the state. In Currently, the objects of state protection of intellectual property can be represented as 2 segments: industrial property and copyright.