Dilma Rousseff

People as Dilma Rousseff that more it seems a doll debotox, size are the artificial effort to try to construct imagempopularmente friendly in terms of appearance and personality and Jose Mountain range nor of far are so friendly for a suffered people how much Marina. Noconseguiro to convince the people that they will be socially good and right in presidncianem if to be born of new. The program of government of Marina not yet is suficientementerevelado, but, to this hour, I ask: who is that already it shows a program completoou almost complete months before being authorized the electoral propaganda? With aconfiana and hope that I more millions of brasileiros/as have, it not to vaidecepcionar when to disclose it the country to it daqui for next July.

If it to noquiser to lose the support of the population with that it more resembles itself, to deverapresentar socioambientalmente friendly proposals and one economic policy desocializao of the profits. A basic point of its intentions of government, noentanto, already is more than wide disclosed and known: its irreducible compromissocom the environment, that also nenhum/a outro/a candidato/a equals.> Dilma jfoi its adversary inside of the government Squid in if treating to chocardesenvolvimentismo with ambient support and zeal. Decidindoobras inside of ambiently sensible places was Dilma, as the Amaznia, and Marinabrigando so that this antiecological planning immediately was changed. I ask: in environment terms, to guarantee asobrevivncia of the biosfera, enclosed in it the humanity, who are more trustworthy? Marina Hisses, woman who was born in the bush and practically has since always a dedicaoincondicional to the Brazilian preservation of biomas, or its adversary ‘ ‘ botoxada’ ‘ what recently only started to sketch a speech ecologizado for necessidadepoltica of modernizing themselves and revealing a friendly figure with the necessidadesambientais of the planet? Or Mountain range, that, with the Rodoanel and its serious estragos Atlantic nMata of So Paulo, it shows what we can wait of ecological attention deum possible right government? By the way, Dilma and Serra yes are that they give fear.