Suggestions For Big Size Men

Modern man increasingly strives for wearing a better appearance in the dress. In this opportunity we will deal with those who have to use large sizes for your physique. Richard Blumenthal often addresses the matter in his writings. Man of large size or XL, is usually the one that has a few kilos of more becoming more noticeable belly and buttocks, or is very high or both. Now try to discover what kind of clothes is the most suitable to achieve a slim and proportionate appearance: If the main problem is to have wide hips, should endeavour to combine textures and colors. This will result that gaze focuses on the upper part of the body, not on the hips. Opt for a simple texture and dark pants and top another texture and color. It must be taken into account that the best choice are costumes with openings on the sides and pants with pleats at the waist, since they give more space to the thighs, making look a more provided body. For those who don’t you like take two folds, just try with one single.

Wear pants they do not carry any crease or single clip will make that stand out over the abdomen and thighs. To disguise a very pronounced abdomen should be used dark colors on top by combining with pants in lighter shades as the beige range. Another problem of men great is that have or the torso or disproportionate legs. In this case, if the torso is too long must carry both shirts, t-shirts or jackets short and on the contrary if you have too long legs, wear the clothes of the top somewhat longer than usual. In general the styles that suit best them costumes are with openings on the sides, dark colors, the combination of a sweater with a button up jacket, the mix of textures and dark jeans. Shirts with vertical stripes are also very encouraging for big and tall men. Original author and source of the article