Heidemarie Wieczorek

In accordance with a divulged study, (11/06), the countries of Group Eight (G8) had thursday contributed with one tero of suplemental aid for the development of Africa. This report carried through for the organization DATE (Debt, AIDS, Trade in Afrique) and of the ONE presented in Berlin and London pointed that the industrialized countries had paid only 7 billion the 21,5 billion extra-promise dollar to the continent up to 2010 during the cupola carried through in 2005 in Gleneagles, in the Esccia. Wing greaters and minors This situation is caused mainly by France and Italy, the responsible ones for the delay of 80% of the payment. While Germany had paid 31% of the engaged amount. The minister German of the development, Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul, declared as he had fiance’, the aid to the development was of 0,51% of the GIP in 2010 and increasing for 0,7% of the GIP up to 2015. Being in 2008, the index did not exceed 0.38% of the GIP, corresponding the 13,9 billion dollar.

Also it had countries that they had surpassed the commitment waked up in Gleneagles, as the Japan, that already paid 150% of the promised amount, and Canada, with 206%. Compared with the effort of G8 in raising the 50 billion dollar per year to the aid for the development in 2010 that they had failed in virtue of the partner-economic difficult situation of some countries of the African continent. Gravity of the misery the high price of raw materials led to a light economic growth in Africa in last five years. The Gross domestic product (the GIP) of some countries to the south of the Saara increased more of 6% per year or. The valuation of the oil, metals and other mineral wealth in the world-wide market fulled the safes of many countries. However, world-wide the economic and financial crisis ended this progress.