Temporary Accommodation

If you are a foreigner and are interested in obtaining a permit for temporary residence or work permits in Russia, then you can file an appeal to the authorities who control the issuance of these permits. Official agencies are immigration officers or law enforcement agencies, but beyond them there are many private organizations concerned on grounds permitted by law matters relating to migration. Work permit – a document confirming the right of foreign citizens under the law to find a job in a particular state. Most likely, you already know that the order to get permission employment of foreign nationals to face a succession of fairly complicated bureaucratic procedures. Of course, you can collect the documents personally, but you can find a special service, which provides work permits to citizens of the CIS. Experienced lawyers of these organizations right to prepare the necessary documents as quickly as possible, saving you from the inevitable bureaucratic litigation.

However, you should always check on the legal grounds if it works legal organization, otherwise it issued a work permit will be invalid. Original work permit for citizens of the CIS and other countries look like plastic card, printed with your date of birth, initials permitted activity and the date of receipt of the document with the obligatory indication of a special body in the migration sphere, which issued the document. A temporary residence permit is the document that is available to an alien, as well as just a person without citizenship the legal right to reside within a designated period in Russia. When your treatment for temporary residence in the Russian Federation is justified by law, the probability of failure will be minimal. But if there is no legitimate reason, you need to send a request for a quota in Migration Service.

In Russia, annually set quantitative quotas for temporary accommodation for people who do not have the legal prerequisites. However, to date there is no single legislative act, that would regulate the extradition of quotas. And so actually issuing quotas for residence is not so much a procedural nature, and resolve on the influence of the factor of luck. A temporary residence permit is a document of established form or mark in any identity card. The term of the temporary residence permit can last from 3 months to 3 years with the possibility of multiple extensions.